Good night, and good luck

After 27 years OSD ceased operation on 2015-12-31 at 23:59hrs.

Launched in November 1988 to support an emerging need to link disparate IT systems in the City of London, OSD provided a 365/7/24 service to Stock Brokers. Service provision was soon expanded to Real Estate Investment managers.

From 1994, OSD provided full-service IT support to an even wider client base. 

During 27 years we have had the pleasure to serve dozens of clients including Admiral Taverns, Alpha Real Capital, Argentex, Blackwell, British Retail Consortium, Carlton Communications (ITV), CDK Investments, Ensor Byfield, Europa Capital Partners, the Financial Times (FT CityLine &, Horizonte Minerals, International Real Estate PLC, Pacific Investments Management, Pacific Real Estate Capital Partners, Pearson PLC, Portfolio Holdings, Property Mezzanine Partners, Rivercrest Capital, River & Mercantile, Slater Michael, Specsavers, Spitalfields Development Group, SPP, Synova, Taylor Wells, Trygg-Hansa & United Managed Office Services.

The IT landscape continues to change and full-service IT support is a commodity service we do not feel we can continue to provide. Instead the founders & managers have gone a number of different ways, to continue bringing technology closer to the needs of organisations.

If you wish to contact us about any historic issues the details are below.